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Terms and Conditions of "Refer a Friend"

These terms and conditions of “Refer a Friend” (hereinafter “Conditions”) are contractually binding between a Program Participant, a Recommended Candidate and CentralWork s.r.o.

1. Definition

1.1 For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms are defined:

“Recommended Candidate” means an individual who does not appear in the CentralWork s.r.o. company database, is looking for a new job and agrees to be referred.
“Program Participant” means an individual who is registered at the time of referral in the CentralWork s.r.o. company database and has provided contact information about the Recommended Candidate.
“Program" means “Refer a Friend”.
“Client” means an individual or legal entity in a business relationship with CentralWork s.r.o.

2. Effective Date

2.1 The effective date of the program is September 1, 2014 and the program runs until further notice by CentralWork s.r.o.

3. Program Rules

3.1 A Program Participant has to be registered in the CentralWork s.r.o. company database at the time when information is provided about the Recommended Candidate.

3.2 The Program Participant shall provide the full name, e-mail address and phone number of the Recommended Candidate, who has agreed to be referred, by completing the form at, by sending an e-mail to, through his/her superior or by telephoning +420 226 258 227.

3.3 The Recommended Candidate should not have appeared in the CentralWork s.r.o. company database before his/her referral by the Program Participant. If the Recommended Candidate has appeared on the company database, the Program Participant will be so informed by CentralWork s.r.o. and shall not be entitled in such a case to any reward.

3.4 If the Recommended Candidate is selected and then hired, and:

a) If he/she works more than 500 hours as an employee of CentralWork, s.r.o., the Program Participant shall be entitled to receive a gift voucher worth CZK 1,000, NOW 5,000 reward when you register by 31.12.2016!; or
b) If his/her employment with the Client is not terminated during the probationary period, the Program Participant is entitled to receive gift vouchers worth CZK 2,000, CZK 5,000 or CZK 10,000 CZK, according to the Conditions of “Refer a Friend" covering the job for which the Recommended Candidate was hired by the Client. Unless otherwise provided in, the amount to be rewarded in respect to the position is defined as follows:
- Administrative, lower technical position - CZK 2,000
- Middle management - CZK 5,000
- Top management - CZK 10,000

3.5 No one shall be rewarded under these Conditions unless the criteria in Article 3 of this agreement are met within twelve (12) months of having referred a Recommended Candidate.

4. Reward Payment

4.1 CentralWork s.r.o. shall send a notice of the reward to the Program Participant’s e-mail address within thirty (30) calendar days of having met the conditions under this agreement.

4.2 The reward will be transmitted at earliest on the day after the Program Participant meets criteria in this agreement, upon verification of his/her identity, at the registered office of CentralWork s.r.o., ul. Třebohostická 3069/14, Prague 10. The Program Participant may collect his/her reward within thirty (30) calendar days of having been sent a notice to his/her e-mail address in the entry form.

5. General

5.1 CentralWork s.r.o. reserves the right to determine the type of gift vouchers.

5.2 CentralWork s.r.o. reserves the right to cancel “Refer a Friend" or to adjust, change or add to the rules thereof. Current conditions of Refer a Friend can be found at the website of CentralWork s.r.o.