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Are you searching for an interesting and well-paid job?

CentralWork offers professional consulting services in job hunts. We advertise positions daily for companies, our regular clients. Positions aimed at ensuring operation of production lines, logistics and warehouse activities and jobs in the automotive and glass industries.

Why you should use CentralWork services: 

  • large selection of jobs 
  • individual approach with each candidate (assessing the current situation and your ideas about future employment)
  • arranging both permanent and temporary employment
  • human resources consulting and professional growth (selecting jobs that match your professional experience and future development)
What advantages looking for a job trough CentralWork will give you?
  • FREE inclusion in our jobs database
  • FREE job search
  • FREE accommodation search where you will be working
  • Regular weekly cover after you finish your first week at work (for temporary employees)


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How to get a job? Useful job hunt infomation can be found here.