Are you missing employees?

We are ready to find a solution tailored to the needs of your business. Each customer is a unique partner for us.

You can expect a responsible, open and flexible approach from us. We understand the job market situation and know how to find suitable candidates. We will ensure the filling of job positions according to your requirements: from manual workers to specialized professionals to positions in middle and top management. We save you time and money!
  • Ensuring the optimal number of employees during irregular orders and during seasonal fluctuations

  • Support for business development regardless of labor availability

  • Ensuring qualified specialists in your team

  • Reducing the risk of expensive and inappropriate job placement

  • Concentration on the key areas of your business - we handle the personnel issue


Temporary Help

In the form of temporary assignment, we supply you with CentralWork employees for a pre-agreed period. We take care of the selection, screening and training of applicants not only from the Czech Republic, but also from abroad (SR, Serbia, Philippines, India or Indonesia). We ensure the management of all personnel agendas and we will also take care of transport and accommodation.

Who is the service intended for?

  •    manufacturing companies
  •    companies with a need for seasonal workers

Benefit for you

  •    hiring the ideal number of employees 
  •    the ability to focus on key areas of your business
  •    significant savings for managing payroll and personnel agendas
  •    zero costs for searching and selecting employees

Permanent Placement

On the basis of exact requirements, we search for reliable employees directly in the staff status of your company. An expert consultant always recommend carefully selected and verified candidates.

Who is the service intended for?

  • companies looking for employees for permanent employment
  • companies from various segments of industry and services

Benefit for you

  • saving time and costs when searching for a suitable employee
  • provision of advertising, search for suitable applicants, first interviews with applicants and their subsequent recommendations
  • payment only after the candidate has successfully employed
  • guarantee of providing of replacement candidate free of charge

Try & Hire

By combining the services of Temporary Help and Permanent Placement, we offer to companies the opportunity to try out a new worker before actually hired him into the staff status. The trial period depends only on our mutual agreement.

Who is the service intended for?

  • production and logistics companies
  • companies that want to reduce turnover of new employees

Benefit for you

  • the possibility to test the candidate before accepting him into the workship
  • an arbitrarily long period of getting to know new worker
  • strong motivation of the worker to become a regular employee
  • reduction of employee turnover by thorough screening of the worker


Pre-selection of at least 5 suitable candidates for the ordered job position within 30 days for a fixed price of 1 599 euros. Experienced recruiters ensure the first selection with the help of our comprehensive database and advertisements on leading advertising portals and social networks.  

Who is the service intended for?

  • all companies that want to actively participate in the recruitment process
  • companies from various segments of industry and services

Benefit for you

  • independent decision-making for a large part of the recruitment process
  • focusing on the final selection of employees
  • cost savings for advertising, searching and preselection of candidates
  • the possibility of selecting several suitable candidates

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What services does CentralWork offer?

We offer comprehensive services that we can combine and adapt to your specific needs. You can find a list of our services here.

If you are interested in more information, contact us or fill out this form and we will get back to you.

What are the prices of your services?

The price is defined depending on the type of service selected and according to your specific wishes.

The price offer is always preceded by a consultation with our experienced manager, who will then prepare an accurate calculation of the service based on the analysis.

The final price is prepared individually, the fixed price is given only for the "Preselection" service 39,990 CZK. 

How do you find the most suitable candidates?

Based on your requirements, we search for the best possible candidates with the help of our extensive and high-quality database, advertisements on leading job portals and social networks, and above all thanks to the team of experienced internal and external recruiters.

During the initial's interviews, we check not only the candidate's experience, but also his personality and motivation. Upon request, we can submit tests to the candidate to verify special knowledge or professional orientation.

Thanks to the fact that we are in contact with the candidate throughout the selection process and after its end, we are able to quickly react to any changes and bring such effective solutions.

What are the staff delivery deadlines?

The time of delivery of employees depends on the type of job position, its demands and the number of required employees.

We try to work more efficiently and at the same time maintain the quality of our services. We are able to deliver the first candidates for you within approximately 14 days

Do you comply with the current mandatory legislation for staffing agencies?

We guarantee that all our services are in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Czech Republic. We hold a license that allows the activity of an employment agency.