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Become an agency worker and get many benefits

Become an agency worker and get many benefits

Are you looking for a new job quickly

Need to get money sooner than after a month on the job?

Are you looking for a new job and accommodation?

Then we as CentralWork are here for you. We offer undemanding physical work in modern warehouses and production halls with accommodation and cash advances.  

The process of starting a job

After the entrance interview, mandatory medical examination and answering all your questions, our recruiters will recommend you to the most suitable project.

As part of the next meeting, you will be taken over by our experienced managers. You will learn from them all the detailed information about the start and the course of the first days in your new job. You will have an employment contract and other necessary documents ready.

You will complete mandatory Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) and Fire Protection (PO) training and initial training for the position. 

If you are interested in accommodation, we will arrange it for you in one of our contracted facilities (a double room with a shared kitchen and sanitary facilities for another double room).

We welcome you on your first day at work, show you everything you need, and then it's up to you.

Benefits for you

  • free consultation 
  • all services of recruiters and managers for free 
  • medical examinations with a contracted doctor with subsequent reimbursement
  • OSH and PO training, provision of other necessary training
  • preparation of employment contract and other related administration free of charge
  • work clothes, shoes and tools available
  • company transfers to work (in season, according to workplace), detailed explanation of transport to the place of work (out of season)
  • accommodation (according to the specific project) – complete equipment, only 2 people per room, our support at the place of accommodation
  • financial advance after just one week of work
  • consultation hours – our recruiters and managers are fully at your disposal
  • the possibility of professional growth and advancement to team leadership and management positions

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