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How to succeed in job search

How to succeed in  job search

How to begin

Take advantage of several options:

  1. Call us on the helpline phone number +420 226 258 227. Together we will find an adequate job position for a period of time that suits you.
  2. Submit the completed online registration form including your resume. We will then contact you by phone and together we will agree on the next course of action.
  3. Send us your resume to the e-mail address We will then contact you by phone and together we will agree on the next course of action.

Choose a suitable job offer - on our website, on advertising portals or social networks, look around for a position that would interest you, but, be careful, also look for one where you meet the stated requirements.

Send a structured resume to the specified contact – for each published job offer, the contact of the recruiter, who selects suitable candidates for the concrete job, is given; or there is a direct reply button. Follow step by step, all instructions are clearly given. And above all, don't forget to attach a structured resume and a short motivation letter is a plus.

Wait for a response - definitely don't contact the recruiter immediately after sending your resume, wait until you are approached directly. The recruiter needs space and time to consider your application, compare it with the requirements of the position and prepare for the interview with you.

Prepare for the interview – you are selected for the interview and that's already a success, don't forget to prepare responsibly for it.

Expect further rounds of the selection process - usually the recruitment itself does not end after the first round of interviews. If this happens and the offer is made immediately after the first round, congratulations, if not, nothing special is happening and you prepare for future meetings with other potential colleagues or superiors. Additional rounds may also include testing your knowledge or a practical exam. You don't have to worry about anything, everything will be communicated to you in time and our consultants will be happy to help you with the preparation.

Do not lose heart - if for any reason a job offer does not come, do not despair.  Try to find out, politely and without spite, what was the reason for not being selected. Ask yourself what would help you be more successful next time. During your job searching, try to continue to educate yourself, take courses or get closer to your dream job in any way. 

Look forward to the job offer - if everything goes well, a job offer awaits you. Study the draft employment contract carefully, do not be afraid to ask questions and come up with possible proposals from your side. Remember that any changes are better made before the beginning of the employment relationship than during it.

Congratulations, you have passed the selection process successfully and found a job.

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